28 November, 2011

Mullaperiyar Dam

Mullaperiyar Dam
During 1895 it was commissioned
Designed by Er: Penny Kuik
With a life Span of 50 years
Recommended for reconstruction during 1979
Dam is on fault Zone
Repeated tremors are occurring
Last one with intensity 3.4
Epicenter of earth quake is only 34 K M from dam
Now maximum storage is +136 feet
Water capacity is 15 T M C
Possibility of tremor of intensity 6 to 6.5
Now there are  repeated tremors
20 quakes reported after july 26 2011
Strengthening of structure programmed during 1979.
Some grouting done after
No foundation strengthening yet done.
Is the 116 years structure can function  safely  ?
Alternate Dam is the only Solution?
Life threat of 30 lakhs people in Kerala
Are we waiting for an unhappy event ?
Earth Quake and its intensity cannot be predicted in advance
On an Unhappy event nothing can be by Disaster Management Team ?
How the Disaster management team reaches The Dam site  ?
Bridges at periyar, Chappathu and Cheruthoni fails due to water bomb?
Total failure of C D Works in roads   ?
Whole transportation net work fails and idduki district will divide
Possibility of failure of cheruthoni  , kulamavu  and Iddukki arch dam
Cannot be forgotten?
K S E B and Irrigation has to study the after effects of an event ?
District administration and Roads to choke out solution of conveyance net work ?
Disaster management is in chides stage.
Give Training to N G O ‘s, Fire force, Police and Navy to do need full
Strengthen Fire Force and Start units at Kumily ,Vadiperiyar and Peer made
With required  trained staff, equipments and vehicle
Give training  to people to face situations
Installation of additional seismograph’s will never help the poor people going to be affected
For disaster management Choke out a correct program.

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